Taking the easy way out…

Dear friends,
I am certain that this post will get many unhappy comments and reviews, but i feel so strongly about this topic that i felt it necessary for me to post. Something that has been troubling me a lot lately has been people i know who buy into the “get rich quick” schemes that are ever so popular in our country right now. Just to be clear from the get-go, i am not by any means saying that it is sinful to sell Lia Sophia, or Mary Kay, are even sinful to be selling Amway (although i am NOT a fan of that particular one in the least). I am, however, saying that i believe as Christians and followers of Christ, we need to have our guard up and be aware of the enemies schemes. Satan wants nothing more than to see something get in the way of our relationships with our friends, our families, and most importantly, God. It is very upsetting to me when i see good Godly people falling for these traps in hopes to find an easy way out of the workforce and land face forward into a pile of cash. So, instead of trashing the pyramid schemes and get rich quick schemes, i just want to throw out some opinions on how these endeavors can quickly turn into pitfalls if we, as Christ followers, are not careful.

My first point is this, there is no quick and easy way to get the things we want (i.e. money, stuff, etc.). Everything worth having takes work, relationships, money, absolutely everything. Yes, there are exceptions to that, but for the most part it almost never happens unless we work at it. Romans chapter five talks about how perseverance builds character. Everything worth having in life WILL take hard work. Think of it this way, say i was 40lbs overweight, i have this wedding i want to go to in June and man am i looking forward to it! Lets say i go to the store to get a bunch of diet friendly foods to kick-start my diet and buy a brand new exercise outfit just for the occasion! When i reach the checkout lane and stand in line to wait, i see this health magazine… on the cover it reads “LOSE 25lbs IN JUST ONE WEEK!” “WOW!” i think to myself, “wouldn’t it be nice to just drop 25lbs in a mere week?! That would take away over half the work i have to do!” so i put all my food back on the shelves, leave the exercise outfit with the cashier and run home, just to find out that i need to make three easy payments of $19.95 + S&H for these worthless placebo pills that contain very high amounts of caffeine and by the end of week one, i’ve gained five more pounds. Apply the same concept to these pyramid schemes and BINGO you’ve got your answer. There is no way on earth you can lose 25lbs in one week (unless you are severly ill), and in the same way there is no way to become a millionaire selling these products. YES, i agree, sometimes it works out very well for people to have a little extra income, and certainly there are those that enjoy the process! (namely the ones at the top of the food chain) Again, i am not in any way shape or form saying that it is not right for everyone, what i’m saying is that we MUST, absolutely MUST be cautious when doing this.

If you are still asking me “why?” that brings me to my second point, which is, regardless of the fact that participating in these business ventures isn’t specifically tied to Christianity or Religion at all, it is so apparent that there are those who are being completely and entirely deceived! I am being completely serious when i say that there are those who are outright being deceived into making poor life choices as a direct result of this. People are making poor relationship choices by getting into friendships with people whose only desire is to make money off of them and their involvement in the company, and most importantly there are those who are, as a result, treating their own friends in a VERY ungodly fashion. When this company is telling you to calmly and coolly approach your friends MULTIPLE times in an attempt to pull them under you in this business so that you can make money off of them, that is WRONG. No, i am not talking about when you first start out you may send a quick email to others stating that you are starting this and would like to just give a coverall to everyone to see if they are interested. That is not a problem, there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong, is when the only time you talk to the people you have formed relationships with is to sell them something, or you strike up a completely innocent conversation with them pretending to be oh so interested in what they’re saying only to turn it around in a heartbeat to your new “endeavor.” That, my friends, is wrong. It is deceptive, unkind, and flat out annoying. To what length will we go in order to get a little farther in the world, ruining relationship after relationship, burning bridge after bridge with others who simply want to be friends and fellowship with us, and yet we can not keep ourselves from hounding people about our “golden ticket” out of the financial stress we find ourselves in.


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