Seemed like a good idea at the time

I’ve been listening to OKgo and the song “A Good Idea at the Time” really got me thinking of all the times in my life I could look back and say “well, it seemed like a good idea at the time” lol those moments in my life are among the embarrassing and comical experiences I’ve amazingly lived through. I thought it would be a good therapy of sorts to share a couple of these with you. I once heard a friend say it was good for us to be embarrassed at least once a day… well, here it is. I’m going to tell on myself (which is HUGE for me. I H-A-T-E being embarrassed)


1) How about we start with the most embarrassing moment I can recall as a very young child. I was probably about four years old at the time. My aunt’s now husband, but boyfriend/fiancé at the time, was over at my grandparents house and I was sitting in his lap. I remember starting to squirm around and be silly, then I proceeded to push on his lap (below the belt) and say “hey! What’s this??” (very Junie B. Jones style if you ask me) to which my now uncle turned a bright red and then I suddenly remembered… oh ya, boys are made differently than girls. Woops. Sorry Uncle Sean. My bad. Seemed like a good idea at the time.


2) This story is not nearly as comical as the last story, but I remember it well. I was in first grade (back in the day before I was homeschooled) and my class was sitting on the gym floor for music time, or something along those lines. I started tracing the stripes on what I thought was the tennis shoe that was on my own foot when the kid next to me turned and gave me a dirty look, which only led me to realize that I had been tracing the stripes on a shoe that was not mine at all. I remember trying to pass it off by saying “oh… umm, i really like your shoes!” He wasn’t buyin’ it. Heh, seemed like a good idea at the time.


3) When I was ten years old my family started attending the church which I now call my home. I started out in the Friends class (which was meant for girls pre-Jr high). A few weeks in that class and I realized I wanted so badly to be in the Jr high group on Wednesday nights instead, thankfully our awesome youth pastor let me join a little early 🙂
One week we had something special going on, so the church rented inflatables for the youth group to joust on. Before service the homeschoolers arrived early to mess around on the inflatables. We all jumped around like a bunch of idiots for a while, then I decided I needed to go to the ladies room. When I came back for more fun times on the inflatables I backed myself up in the farthest corner of the gym in our youth building and prepared for take off. I was so awkward at that age. I looked like some sort of deranged bird when I tried to run. I’d stick my arms out behind me and take off low to the ground. I cringe just thinking about it. I started my awkward run and headed towards the inflatable. “COWABUNGA!!!” I yelled as I hurdled towards it, not even taking into account that there was absolutely nobody on the inflatable at all. Everyone stared speechless as I jumped hands and knees flat onto the inflatable which was considerably less inflated. *SMACK* My knees hit the gym floor so hard it’s a wonder they didn’t break. Everyone was quiet for a minute before the laughter started. People were asking me between broken giggles “are you okay?” yeah, i was fine, the only thing that was hurt was my pride. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


4) Another incident from my youth group days happened not too long after the inflatable experience. I liked to help out at our youth group cafe during the midweek service. We served the important things… you know, tic tacs, skittles, sodas. Junk, really. Mainly I volunteered so I would seem like I was part of the “in” crowd. One week I was in the kitchen and decided it would be a good idea to jump up on the counter and sit instead of standing around. All the cool kids were doing it. So I backed my rear end up, placed my hands on the counter, and proceeded to jump. *RIIIIIIIIP* went my lovely, new, and incredibly stylish tan corduroy pants. The pocket had caught on a drawer handle and ripped almost completely off revealing my not-so-stylish bright GREEN panties. Luckily in those days our house was only a hop skip and a jump across the highway. Someone gave me a ride home to change pants and I was good to go.



Those are just a few of the embarrassing moments I’ve managed to live through. Maybe I’ll think of some more juicy, yet comical, embarrassing stories to share. These will do just fine for now. I hope i gave you a good laugh. Feel free to share some of your thoughts or even some embarrassing stories of your own in the comments below. Have a great week everyone!

-Amelia ❤


3 thoughts on “Seemed like a good idea at the time

  1. i have a large front porch, with a set of stairs going down. there are 5-6 steps to the bottom. and they are pretty steep. One night my older brother says wouldn;t it be cool to be able to ride down these stairs on a bike. Next day im riding my bike around and go to put it on the front porch. Then i remember what my older brother thought would be cool. And i stood at the top of the steps with my bike peering down. About 1/2 a second before my bike tire goes over the first step, i decide not to do it. Taking my feet off the pedals was the worst thing i could have done, but i did. and so i rode down the steps taking a hard jolt on each one. I made it to the bottom. crying, and bleeding….. seemed like a good idea at the time.

  2. I really can’t think of anything right now.. I was so scared I’d get in trouble when I was a kid that I avoided anything at all that would make me embarrassed.

    Ok, now that I think about it, when I was at a slumber party at my friend’s house, we went outside at like 2 in the morning and ran around in our PJ’s. That’s lame though, haha. I’ll have to remember something really good…

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