Tis the season…

No, this isn’t a “Christmas in June” post. This is just a short little ramble that is too long for a tweet and not facebook worthy. 

Can I just start by stating one thing: LIFE IS ROUGH. 

This earthly existence never ceases to amaze this fleshy being.

As you’ve probably noted (maybe months ago), I haven’t been on in forever. Life happens, and when it does… look out world (and wordpress), it’s not makin’ room for anything else! I have every intention (whatever that’s worth) to pick up my series of AP’s journals, but this summer has demanded my undivided attention and I feel I must fall prey to it’s every whim and fancy. Hmm… maybe this post won’t be as short as I intended it to be. 

I just need to get a few rambling thoughts out of this brain of mine or I might explode from the contents that are under pressure up there. 

LIFE TAKES COURAGE. We all go through seasons in life, as I’ve just recently been reminded of the fact that there is “a time for everything” (Eccl 3:1). We go through hurt, pain, trials, and as I’ve learned this very evening in my Beth Moore study on James (Video session #3), we also go through anguish. What I have been hit over the head with over the past week is that life takes courage.

It takes courage to get up in the morning and go through a whole day of funeral services for a dearly loved family member.

It takes courage to be the one to speak up in Bible study and admit to having an addiction when so many of us try to sweep it under the rug.

It takes courage to stand up for what you think is right when it comes to raising your children.

It takes courage to make a life decision when there are so many different outcomes it makes your head spin. 

It takes courage to admit that maybe, just maybe, you aren’t content and don’t know if you will be. 

You know what? It even takes courage to hurt in the first place. Heaven forbid we show our true feelings in this society! Half the time society tries to justify each and every action to avoid a very natural feeling… hurt, pain, anguish. 

I’ve been watching some of my closest friends go through the hardest things they ever have in their lives. Heck! I have been going through some of the hardest things I ever have in my life. 

All I can do is pray.

Lord, in the words of Beth Moore’s daughter, You know it’s scary being us. Give us wisdom where wisdom is needed, strength where strength is needed, and God give us courage for the road ahead of us. You will turn our wailing into glorious dancing for Your glory and we will praise You for it. Amen.


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