True selected words…

Hello my blog readers! (or lack thereof)

I am doing something new. For several weeks I’ve been contemplating a way to accomplish two goals: Make my blog more interesting, and somehow wind up a little more dedicated to my blog than I have been since, well… forever. I’ve been toying with several ideas as to how I am to accomplish this goal and at last I have come up with the perfect solution, and here is the background information for it:

My mother, Carey, is the daughter of a man who was named Donald (my grandfather). He had an Aunt and her name was Pearline Pauline Aeschlimann. Pearline never married and never had children and there was no mistaking the faith this woman possessed. My grandfather as well as my great-great Aunt Pearline both held themselves to a standard that is almost unheard of in today’s society. They both believed in Faith Healing. The kind of Faith Healing that a man named Hobart Freeman actively promoted. Both my Grandfather as well as Aunt Pearline were avid followers of this man and his Faith Healing movement, many times to a fault. They believed that God would heal their illnesses and diseases if only their faith was great enough to allow it. There is still hurt over this topic in my family, so I don’t believe I will go into much more detail than that.

With the recent passing of Aunt Pearline, whom my family had cared for for a number of years and even took in our home for three of those, my mother and I removed her meager box of belongings which held a radio, some old pictures, and a plethora of notebooks which in many cases were homemade and falling apart. Our goal was to find an excerpt from her notes to put into the program for her funeral. When we first started filtering through her notes we realized very quickly that this was going to be a tough call to make, for her notes were very detailed and there was a lot of them! Even throughout all of this though, Aunt Pearline’s notes deeply touched my heart, her faith was so strong and her love for her God was so deep.

My goal for my blog for the next… however long, is to use her notebook as an inspiration for the conversation on my blog. I’m honestly doing it more for myself than for anyone else. Who knows, I may gain another reader or two to match the two I already have (you know who you are!).

I will leave you now with a quote from an article that Aunt Pearline (AP) had clipped at some point in time and taped to the inside of her notebook.

True selected words will sink into minds to remain forever; but if they are dissipated in rambling conversation, they are likely to be of no profit.

I sincerely pray that my posts are not just rambling conversation and hold meaning in them. While there are no dates of her entries, I believe a lot of the truths she writes in this book are timeless and will offer invaluable insight for those of us who read them.

God bless you!